A diabetes meal plan is a healthy eating plan that will help keep your blood sugar in check, manage your weight, and control any other risk factors, such as high blood pressure. While you will have to stick to a routine, this doesn’t mean that you have to be deprived. Generally, a meal plan for diabetes should have a mix of carbs, protein (both lean meats or alternates, such as legumes) and plenty of fruits and vegetables.

Eating at regular times and spacing your meals properly is also important for keeping your blood sugar in check. Your dietitian can help you build a meal plan according to your health goals, food preferences, and lifestyle.

Remember, no single plan works for everyone. Enjoy your meals!


Get your fibre through this option and maintain regularity.

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Feel satisfied after each meal with this protein-filled option.

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If you are a vegetarian or if you want to cut down on meat, you will enjoy this vegetarian meal plan.

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Here is a low-fat meal plan that is easy on the heart and taste buds.

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Portion control
for diabetes

How much you eat is just as important as what you choose to eat. As a rule of thumb, vegetables should fill up half of your plate, starchy foods should fill up a quarter, and lean meats and alternates the remaining quarter. Complete your meal with a dairy product and a fruit.

Using a standard dinner plate, follow the plate method in the image to control your portion sizes.

Portion control for diabetes
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