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Week 1 Making Good Food Choices I: Food, Glorious Food Check In Before You Work Out: Self-Monitoring and Physical Activity Getting It Together
Week 2 Making Good Food Choices II: Becoming Carb-Aware Dressing for Success: What to Wear on Your Journey to Better Health A New Day, a Fresh Start
Week 3 Making Good Food Choices III: Protein Points and Fat Facts Motivating Movement: Benefits of Physical Activity Keeping Track
Week 4 Measure Twice, Cut Once: The Importance of Portion Control S-T-R-E-T-C-H: Increase Your Flexibility by Stretching Setting SMART Goals
Week 5 Become A.W.A.R.E.: Tune In to Your Eating Actions Thirty-Minute Mystery: Physical Activity — How Much? How Often? How Intense? Got Confidence?
Week 6 Build a Healthy Eating Environment: Success and Your Surroundings Put Your Heart Into It: Aerobic Activity for Heart Health Working From the Outside In
Week 7 Grocery Shopping I: Nutrition Label Logic Getting Stronger: Magic and Myths of Strength Training Getting Results: What Does It Take?
Week 8 Grocery Shopping II: The Need for Speed Celebrate Success! Reward Yourself for Staying on Track Emotions Play a Role in Diabetes Control
Week 9 Eating Out, Eating Right: Eating Smart, Not Extra New Age Goes Mainstream: Is Yoga or Pilates for You? Quite Possibly! When the Honeymoon's Over
Week 10 Thinking About Drinking: Choosing the Right Hydration Fluids Balance Sheet: Hurray for Proprioceptors Building a Support System
Week 11 Snacks: The "Little Details" Putting the Pieces Together: A Mix of Activities Provides Health Benefits Keep Talking Happy Talk
Week 12 Eating and Traveling: Do You Eat and Run? Or Run and Eat? Activity to Go: On the Road Again? Here's How to Keep Up With Your Activity Quota Blowing Away Barriers
Week 13 Hunger Management: Taming the Growling Tummy Beast The Buddy System: Exercise Partners Star in Your Own Story: Using Creative Visualization to Tackle Your Triggers
Week 14 Savor the Flavor: Making Food Your Friend Location, Location, Location: Settings for Physical Activity — Gym, Club, Home Measuring Success I: Quality of Life
Week 15 The Color Connection: Paint a Rainbow on Your Plate Get Personal: Working With a Personal Trainer Measuring Success II: Beyond the Scales
Week 16 Happy Holiday Eating: Festivities, Fun, and Food Rise of the Machines: Working Out With Exercise Equipment Recognizing Lapse and Avoiding Relapse
Week 17 Calcium and Weight Loss: The Skinny on Calcium-Rich Foods, Weight Loss, and Diabetes Control "Exercise Makes Me Hungry!" (and Other Misconceptions You May Have Heard About Physical Activity) Flexible Thinking: Life Is Plan B
Week 18 Vegetarianism: Pleasure From Plants The Beauty and Benefits of Tai Chi Problem-Solving Primer: Getting to the Bottom of a Problem
Week 19 Build a Balanced Plate: It's More Than Meat and Potatoes! On-the-Job Training: Working Out at Work Adding Zip to Your Zest to Gain Control: How to Stay Motivated After Five Months
Week 20 Glycemic Index: What's It All About? When You're Sick As a Dog: Dealing With Days When You Feel Ill Do You Manage Your Time, or Does Time Manage You? Managing Your Time to Control Your Diabetes
Week 21 Dietary Supplements, Weight Loss, and Diabetes Control: What’s Hot, What Works Walking for a Cause: Racing for the Cure, Walking for Literacy, or Stomping the Streets for MS Meditation: A Bubble Bath for Your Mind and Body
Week 22 The Scoop on Nuts: Nuts Can Be a Healthy Part of Your Diet Sleep Matters: I'm Too Tired to Tango! (or Do Any Other Kind of Activity) Embracing Your Diabetes I: YOU Decide How Diabetes Will Affect Your Life
Week 23 Ethnic Eating: A Big, Beautiful World of Healthy Foods Oh! Those Monday Morning Blues: The Weekend Warrior Syndrome Embracing Your Diabetes II: Body, Spirit, and Diabetes Control
Week 24 Join the Losers in the Winners' Circle: Keeping the Weight Off for Improved Diabetes Control Commit to Staying Fit: Tips for Maintaining Your Active Lifestyle What It Takes to Keep the Weight Off to Help Control Your Diabetes: Lessons From Successful Losers

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