Glucerna® meal replacements are specifically designed for people with diabetes and can help you achieve your nutritional goals. Our conveniently portioned meal replacement drinks fit into your busy lifestyle.

Glucerna® meal replacement shakes for people with diabetes

Diabetes and meal planning

Eating well is important for helping you control your blood sugar. This doesn’t mean following a bland diet and forgoing sweets forever. With your dietitian, you can create a meal plan that matches your health needs and food preferences.

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Healthy meal plan ideas for people with diabetes from Glucerna®
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Where to buy Glucerna®

Glucerna® meal replacement drinks are a quick, easy way to satisfy your taste buds while you are managing your diabetes. And they’re easy to find too, at various retail locations and online at Walmart, Amazon, and more.

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Diabetes and Your Health

When you have diabetes, your body has a hard time managing the level of sugar in your bloodstream. Consequently, the level of sugar in your bloodstream may rise above normal levels. However, by eating well, exercising, and taking oral medication or insulin, you can manage your diabetes condition.

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Easy Recipes with Glucerna®

At breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack time, Glucerna® is there for you. Try these delicious, easy recipes developed by the team of registered dietitians at Abbott.

Try making these healthy and nutritious Glucerna® recipes today.

Overcoming barriers to healthy eating

Improving the quality of your diet can have significant health benefits, but making these changes can be so overwhelming that you put up barriers. What’s the good news? There are many strategies you can adopt to lower these barriers.

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Learn to manage diabetes and overcome your barriers with Glucerna®
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